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Hampton Gallery – Kamloops BC

Hampton Gallery, our neighbour in downtown Kamloops, is a boutique gallery with a wide selection of original art, from paintings and pottery to sculpture.


Jewellery Loupe

This is the first entry in our series on Tools of the Trade, our look into the tools used by goldsmiths and bench jewellers around the world. We start with the jewellery loupe.



Alexandrite is one of the traditional birthstones for the month of June. They are beautiful stones with a unique twist - they change colour!



As a traditional birthstone for March it has been a popular stone since antiquity. In ancient times it would have been called heliotrope, or "sun stone".


Silver Explained – Sterling, Purity & More

Like gold, pure silver is too soft for jewellery. Silver is usually alloyed with copper, a harder metal, to be used for jewellery.


Gold Explained – Karats, Purity & More

Karats (kt) are a measure of the purity of gold. Gold must be alloyed with other metals to be used for jewellery.