Diamonds can come in a wide variety of shapes which give the stones unique characteristics. Shape will affect how light is reflected, giving off a different type of ‘sparkle’.

Shape is different from cut, which is one of the 4 Cs of diamonds quality.

Round Brilliant

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape by far. Developed over centuries by diamond cutters in Europe, the round brilliant cut eventually evolved through the pursuit of maximizing brilliance into the shape that it is today.

Round Brilliant Diamond

Fancy Cut Diamond Shapes

Fancy Cut Diamond Shapes


Created in the 1920s, asscher cuts are similar to emerald cuts. The difference is that asscher diamonds are square – not rectangular.
Asscher Cut Diamond


Sometimes referred to as pillow-cut diamonds, cushion cut stones have a unique appearance with rounded corners and larger facets that can lead to great brilliance and clarity.
Cushion Cut Diamond


Emerald cut diamonds have rectangular facets step-cut into the diamond’s pavilion. This style accentuates the diamond’s natural clarity and colour.
Emerald Cut Diamond


Heart shaped diamonds are popular for solitaire rings and pendants. Symmetry is important for heart shaped diamonds. The two halves of the heart should be identical in order to maintain its brilliance.
Heart Shape Cut Diamond


A marquise shape has the unique effect of making the size of the diamond seem larger, maximizing the carat weight of the diamond.
Marquise Cut Diamond


Similar to the round brilliant cut, oval cut diamonds have great brilliance. This cut will accentuate long, slender finders.
Oval Cut Diamond


Pear shaped diamonds are a combination of round and marquise cuts. These beautiful stones, like oval cut diamonds, will accentuate your finger and give it a slimming appearance.
Pear Shape Cut Diamond


Typically the colours of diamonds are visible through the centre of the stone – with princess cut, colours can also be seen in each of the corners.
Princess Cut Diamond


Radiant cut diamonds have trimmed corners and are a styled as a combination of emerald and round cuts.
Radiant Cut Diamond