For the next entry in our series on Tools of the Trade we’ll look at the jewellery torch.

A jeweller’s torch is a key tool for any metalsmith or bench jeweller who works on creating and repairing jewellery. They are specifically designed for soldering and working with precious metals. A torch is an essential part of our work – they get used in our workshops on a daily basis.

Goldsmith working with a jewellery torch

How a Jewellery Torch Works

A typical torch has a handle, two knobs that control the flow of the fuel for the torch and a tip at the end where the flame is light. These tips can be changed out with other tips, depending on the size of flame that you want to work with.

The fuel used for torches could be propane, acetylene, butane or natural gas. The different gases are used under different circumstances depending on the type of metal being worked and the setup of the workshop.

Whichever gas is being used is typically combined with oxygen to create a hotter, more powerful flame. This is why you can see that there are two lines leading into the torch and two knobs to control the flow of each. One is for the oxygen, and the other is for the gas.

Jewellers Torch - Kamloops BC Jewellery Workshop

The flames that are produced are hot enough to melt silver (melting point = 962°C), gold (1064°C) – even platinum (1768°C)!

Jewellery Torch - The Bench Jewellery Co

The jewellery torch shown here is a Smith Little Torch, one of the torches that we use at our Kamloops workshop. Want to learn more? Keep reading about the world of jewellery here.