We all know the feeling – spelling a word and thinking, “This looks right, but isn’t there supposed to be an extra ‘e’ in here somewhere?”. When it comes to ‘jewellery’ or ‘jewelry’, this happens to people quite often (especially in Canada).

Case in point, why do we call ourselves The Bench Jewellery Co. and not The Bench Jewelry Co? In short, all it really boils down to is British vs. American English.

The correct spelling in the UK, Australia and New Zealand is jewellery. In American English, the correct spelling is jewelry.

Jewel is always spelled the same way, no matter what English-speaking country you’re in.

Jewellery vs Jewelry in Canada

Canada is in a unique position, being heavily influenced by both our American neighbours to the south and our historical parents, Britain. In the battle of jewellery vs jewelry, this unique identity is really highlighted in that Canadians use both variations.

We chose to stick with the British variety for a few reasons, none the least of which is that we’ve based our business around the traditions of European goldsmithing, which has a fairly strong presence to this day in the UK . We honour that tradition through our name, which reminds us of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

No matter which way you choose to spell it, jewellery or jewelry – we’re here to help you with it.