There are two birthstones for March – aquamarine and bloodstone.

March Birthstone - Aquamarine

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Aquamarines are all about the sea, and it’s not just the colours. The name itself comes from the Latin words aqua (water) and marina (sea). From the mythology side of things, aquamarines were worn by sailors and adorned to ships to protect themselves on dangerous voyages.

Aquamarine has rich colours ranging from light to deep blue with greenish hues. The more valuable aquamarines have a darker blue with a more pure and intense colour – although the most common colour is light greenish blue. These beautiful stones are typically cut as round, oval or emerald cuts. Aquamarines are primarily mined in Brazil and Africa.

Aquamarine - March Birthstones - GIA

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The second of the March birthstones is bloodstone. Bloodstone (another name for the mineral aggregate heliotrope, for you geology buffs) is a variety of jasper. This green gemstone contains red spots (iron oxide) which creates a very unique look. In ancient times it would have been called heliotrope, or “sun stone” and was thought to bestow the wearer with healing properties. Bloodstones are commonly found in Brazil, India, Armenia, the United States and Australia.

March Birthstones Bloodstone

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