If your birthday is in November, you get to choose between two beautiful gemstones: Citrine and Topaz.


Citrine, also known as the “success stone” or “merchant’s stone”, is a golden gemstone that is usually associated with good luck, warmth and joy. Citrine can be found in a wide range of hues, from darker browns to light yellows. As citrine is readily available, it is one of the more affordable gemstones and is a great choice for jewellery that is worn every day.

Citrine - The Bench


Topaz, the other birthstone for the month of November, is a gemstone that can naturally occur in an even wider range of colours, including purple, pink, blue, yellow and orange. The yellow, orange and brownish Topazes are commonly confused with Citrine, but Citrine and Topaz are in fact completely different minerals.

Topaz - November Birthstone - The Bench
Topaz - The Bench - Custom Jewellery

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