October is another month with two birthstone choices – Tourmaline and Opal.


Tourmaline is an increasingly popular gemstone throughout the world. Since it is available in a wide variety of colours, the options for pairing it as an accessory in jewellery are endless.

Tourmaline also is unique for displaying several colours in the same gemstone. These two-colour or three-colour gems are formed in many combinations. Gemstones with clear colour distinctions are highly prized. One multi-colour variety is known as watermelon tourmaline, and features green, pink, and white colours bands. Tourmaline comes from many areas including Brazil, the Middle East and the United States.

The Bench - October Birthstone


The second of the October birthstones is opal. The name ‘opal’ comes from the Greek Opallos, which means “to see a change (of colour).” Opals comes a in a wide variety of colours from black to white, with hints of of green, yellow, red, and blue.

Opal is formed from silica gel that seeps into crevices in sedimentary rock. Over time, with heating and immense pressure the gel hardens into the opals that we love and cherish today.

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