The Bench Jewellery Co. Ltd.’s returns and exchanges policy is as follows:

Made-to-Order Jewellery

All workmanship is guaranteed and all issues with custom-made jewellery will be covered under a lifetime warranty.

After the first year, this warranty will only remain valid if the piece is brought into a Bench Jewellery location once per year for a routine inspection and cleaning. This does not cover damage resulting from regular wear and tear.

Any requested alterations to original designs (up to 5 hours of labour) will be provided at no cost within an initial 30-day period. After 30 days (or after 5 hours of labour during the initial 30-day grace period), any requested alterations will be billed at the company’s regular rates.


For repairs completed by the company (on pieces that were not created by the company), all workmanship is guaranteed and any follow-up repairs will be provided at no cost within an initial 90-day period.

Ready-to-Wear Jewellery

For products purchased off the shelf, the purchaser has 30 days from the date of sale to return the item.

If the item is returned in its original state (i.e. does not have any visible damage or wear), the purchase will be refunded in full as store credit. This credit can be used at any of our locations for any item or service.

If there is damage or wear, the purchase will be refunded as store credit minus the cost of the repairs required to bring the item back to its original state.