Topaz, one of the birthstones for the month of November, is a beautiful gem.

In its natural form, topaz is colourless. Popular varieties include the yellow/brown-ish sherry or ‘precious’ topazes. Recently, Mystic Topaz (a colourless variety with a coating that produces a rainbow effect) has become a popular choice.

Blue topazes are also very in demand, and can be a less expensive alternative to aquamarine. However, keep in mind that these blue hues are very rare in nature, and most are instead produced by heat treatment and irradiation. This means that they can lose some of their colours if worked on with too much direct heat. Your jeweller should know this and will take extra care when dealing with any jewellery with blue topazes.

The yellow, orange and brownish topazes are commonly confused with citrine, but citrine is from a completely different family of minerals.

Topaz - November Birthstone - The Bench
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