The Bench Team

Darcy Kamloops Goldsmith The Bench


Eugene Kelowna Jewellery

Master Goldsmith, Shop Manager

Joanne Kamloops Jewellery The Bench

Shop Manager

Kamloops / Kelowna

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What is “The Bench”?

At our stores, we’re proud of the fact that our work is done by hand by our goldsmiths at their work bench, and so we wanted to call ourselves ‘The Bench‘.

Our name reminds us of our promise to our customers.

The whole reason that we wanted to start our business in the first place is that we wanted to do things differently.

At The Bench, we promise that you’ll always have an enjoyable experience when coming into our store, and our work will always be done to the highest level of quality.

We’re not here just to sell you things, we’re here to help.

As a company, our mission is to serve our loyal customers, and to become the trusted brand for jewellery services in BC.

We live and breathe jewellery, and we look forward to helping you find, create, or fix that perfect item.

For us, our philosophy is simple:

We love jewellery, and we want everyone else to love it too.

Whether that means repairing your old jewellery that’s been tucked away for years, or creating something new and unique for you, our team is eager to make you fall in love with your jewellery.

Bench Jewellery

Handmade designs and on-site jewellery repairs by skilled goldsmiths.